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Polariton Spin Hall Effect
Nature Photonics 18, 357–362 (2024)

The research activities in the group are at the intersection of optics and condensed matter physics that lie in two research directions. On the one hand, we employ experimental techniques to understand light matter interactions in semiconductors enriched by solid-state physics. On the other hand, we aim to exploit fundamental optical physics for proof of concept demonstrations of nonlinear optical devices, topological photonic devices and quantum photonic devices. 
We are hiring!  We have several Postdoc research fellow openings available (2D materials & Topological Photonics & microcavity polaritons ). Start as soon as possible. Please contact Asst Prof. Su Rui ( with a CV if interested. 

We also welcome undergraduate students to join us for final year projects and research.
Lab News
Jun 2024- Congratulations to Jin Feng for passing his qualify exam!
Apr 2024-
Great news! Our polariton spin Hall work has been selected as the cover of Nature Photonics for Apr 2024 issue!
Feb 2024- Congratulations to Liang Jie! Our first work on polariton spin Hall effect was just published in Nature Photonics!

Sep 2023- Welcome Our new postdocs Dr. Wang Xutong from East China Normal University and Dr. Zhang Zhenhan from Fudan University to join the group.
Aug 2023- Welcome our new PhD student Jiahao Ren to join our group.

Feb 2023- Great news! Our MOE Tier 2 grant application is approved. Thanks for MOE's support!
Postdoc and PhD student positions are available.
an 2023- Welcome Jin Feng to join our group as a PhD student.
ct 2022 - Welcome Dr. Liang Jie, our new postdoc from Institute of Chemistry,  Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Aug 2022 - Welcome Dr. Wen Wen, our new postdoc from The National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, China.
May 2022 - Asst Prof. Su Rui has been awarded the Nanyang Assistant Professorship and started the group!​
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